Wednesday, 26 August 2009

WAP Final Report

Dear Students,

Please submit TWO copies of your WAP final report to UBD clerk office by the 31st August 2009. Just photocopy your original logbook and put it together with the second copy. The cover page can be of any colour (not necessarily blue).

Also, please kindly remind your supervisor to submit the evaluation form to us by the 31st Aug 2009.

WAP Committee

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Reminder: Submission of Draft of Final Report to Host Agency

To all WAP Students,

Here is a gentle reminder for you to submit the draft of your final WAP report to your host agency for their perusal (TODAY 8TH August 2009). Please submit it DIRECTLY to your host agency.

Once approved by your host agency supervisor you can then submit the final copy to the UBD clerk office (to be stamped etc). Early submission to UBD is most welcome although the deadline is on the 31st August 2009. FYI, we have already received one final report in the UBD clerk's office. Getting the report done early would provide you more time to concentrate on your coming assigments/tutorials.

WAP Committee

Saturday, 25 July 2009

End of WAP and Final Report

Dear all,

The WAP has officially ended today on 25th July 2009. We hope that you all had a great experience during the last 10 weeks. It is time for you to reflect on your self-belief, capabilities and career motivation. The 'real world' exposure should bring a new perspective on how you carry and project yourself, not only academically and professionally, but also as an individual.

1. To submit the draft of your final report to your host agency supervisor by the 8th August 2009.
2. To pass the evaluation report form (both soft and hard copy) to your host agency supervisor. and remind them to submit it on the 31st August 2009 (via email, fax or post to UBD).
3. To submit your final report together with the logbook (either as part of your appendix or just bind it together with the final report) to the FBEPS clerk office on the 31st August 2009.

Try to complete the final report as soon as possible as your new semester is beginning soon. Please refer to the writing guidelines provided. Content guidelines can still be subject to change according to your supervisors' format.

An evaluation form will also be distributed to you in due course.

Once again well done and we hope you agree that you had made the right choice by doing WAP!

WAP Committee

P/s: An excerpt from Weekend Bulletin today. Thanks Albert.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

WAP Initial Report - Updated

Dear Students,

Your initial report is due on the 15th June 2009. Only ONE copy is to be submitted to the FBEPS clerk's office (NOT to your supervisor) to be officially stamped. The report (about 1,000 words) should include, but not limited to:
  • a description of your host agency (organisation)
  • the history of the organisation
  • the structure of the organisation
  • an outline of work/project to be undertaken
You DONT have to follow the final report format but make sure it is organised. Remember, this is still an academic report i.e a normal essay report format is fine.

On the subject of project title and scope etc, this is subject to discussion and agreement between you, the host agency supervisor and faculty supervisor. Having said that, please do not rely 100% on your supervisors (enough of 'spoon feeding' please!!!). Be resourceful, creative, critical and independent. Do not hesitate to suggest any topics that you think is useful for your WAP and the host agency.

P/s: the WAP project need not be a new one. It could be an on-going project that your host agency supervisor has instructed you to be part of it. This is even easier for you in terms of project title, objectives, methodology (data collection methods), and analytical strategy. All you have to do is to carry on or focus on certain aspects of the project and get your faculty supervisor to agree and provide the academic input.

WAP Committee

Sunday, 17 May 2009

WAP 1st Day - 18th May 2009

Dear Students,

The day you all have been waiting for is finally here ;) . WAP is starting tomorrow 18th May 2009. Please make sure that you set your alarm clock early, have breakfast etc. Dress properly and report for duty according to the host agency's working hours (except for BSP students to report at 9am due to the MD's fun run event on the same morning). Also, remember that you are now UBD's 'mini ambassadors'. Please contact us if you have any difficulties and lastly, all the best and enjoy your WAP!!!

Dr Hazri Kifle
WAP Coordinator

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Updated FBEPS Faculty Supervisors List

Dear Students,

The list of your WAP faculty supervisor below has been updated (highlighted in red):

Business Administration (BBA)
1. Grace Wong Wei Chi - Dyg Wardah Azimah
2. Nurida Binti Mohamad Hashim - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Patrick Low
3. Muhammad Ashmawi Bin Hadanan - Fairul Rizal
4. Leong Nye Syn - Dr. Ali Yusob Md. Zain
5. Lee Kheng Sien - Dyg Wardah Hakimah
6. Sheena Tho Chi Juin - Dr. Rajeshwar Sirpal
7. Muhammad Razan Bin Haji Abdul Razak - Chen Chin Kang
8. Yannie Wong Yan Ni - Prof. Dr. Rozhan Othman
9. Hj Muhd Muliadi bin Hj Abdul Hamid - Ms. Leong Vai Shiem
10. Yap Sin Cheah - Dk. Siti Rozaidah
11. Muhd. Nazirularifin Hj Md Zaini - Dr. Hjh. Syamimi

Accounting and Finance
1. Annabella Chong Suk Mei - Hj Suhaimi
2. Miekal Lee - Hj Suhaimi
3. Ng Pei Pei - Shahrin Tamit
4. Cheong Sing Feng - Ak Hj Md. Hasnol
5. Voon Suk Tzen - Ak Hj Md. Hasnol
6. Noralyaa Puspa - Lim Kok Shien
7. Hakimah Binti Haji Garip - Dr Rajeshwar Sirpal
8. Sharon Chan Sze Jing - Lim Kok Shien
9. Hj Abdul Mun'im Bin Haji Ismail - Dk Saerah
10. Ku @ Koo Shiang Lian - Dk Saerah
11. Jessica Chiew Lih Rong - Hj Suhaimi
12. Yeo Su Teng - Dr Rajeshwar Sirpal
13. Wong Ren Siang - Siti Rafidzah
14. Katie Lim Shin Ru - Siti Fatimahwati
15. Ak. Md Adibul Amin Bin Pg. Hj Marjuki - Fairul Rizal
16. Siti Maslindawati Bte Haji Asli - Dr Rajeshwar Sirpal
17. Abdul Hazim Bin Hj Abd Rahman - Dr Fadzliwati
18. Zardiana Binti Naidi - Dr Fadzliwati
19. Hjh Nurkamariah Bte Hj Alim - Siti Rafidzah
20. Siti Nurhamizah Haji Abdul Hamid - Siti Fatimahwati

Public Policy and Administration
1. YTM PAI Pengiran Anak Sarah - Dr Azman Ahmad
2. Siti Mariam@Maya Ismail - Emil Zahrin
3. Nur Khadijah Bte Haji Abu Bakar - Dr Azaharaini
4. Dyg Nur Hawani Binti Hj Sulaiman - Dr Pushpa Thambipillai
5. Haslindawati Bte Haji Jumat - AP Dr David Jones
6. Mohammad Yaakup Bin Hj Mohd Saidi - Dr Hjh Sainah Saim

1. Mohammad Nasrul Hanif Mohd Noor - Dr. Md Ohidul Haque
2. Sazianah Binti Haji Sabli - Dr Nandana Wijesiri
3. Nor Syamsina Binti Haji Bujang - Dr Teo Siew Yean
4. Norazria Binti Suhaimin - Dr Shamim Siddiqui
5. Hjh Norzana Bte Hj Abd Hamid - Dr J. Ram Pillerisetti

WAP Committee
ps: The list is also posted on the Faculty notice board & in front of Dr Hazri's office.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

WAP Contract Signing

Dear Students,

Please remember to check the blog regularly. Also please go through the booklet at the contract signing and contact your host supervisor to prepare for the start of WAP.

WAP Committee

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